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Priority Chef Knife Sharpener {Review}

priority chef knife sharpener |

For review, I was sent a Priority Chef Knife Sharpener. Again as with many things, while I'm living at home this isn't something I'll really need, but I'm very exciting to have it for when I'm living in my own again. Always good to have the ability to make those knives sharp! Continue on the read my review...

Recipe: Whole Berry Cranberry Sauce Recipe, ft. Chef Proven Zester/ Grater

whole cranberry sauce recipe | maegal.blogspot.comchef proved zester grater up close |

Thanksgiving is over for this year, but there is always Christmas Dinner (or any time of year) to make delicious, homemade cranberry sauce. I've never made cranberry sauce before, but I did this year...and it was delicious! So I thought I would share with you all what I did, as well as introduce you to the awesome Chef Prove Zester/ Grater. Continue on to see what recipe I used and how the zeter came into play...

Review & Giveaway: Tuna Squish, Never Touch Your Tuna! - Holiday Gift Idea | Ends 12/21

tuna squish never touch your tuna |

For review, I was sent Tuna Squish, the clean hands way to drain your tuna cans. It makes a great gift for the tuna lover or clean hands fanatic on your shopping list. Certainly a fun gift or stocking stuffer. Continue on to read my review...

Review: Splash Math App for Grades Pre-K, 1-5 on iTunes/ Google Play

This post was created in partnership with Mom Buzz Media and StudyPad Inc. All opinions expressed are my own.

splash math itunes google play app grades pre to kindergarten

Continue on to read my reviews...

3 Holiday Clothing Gift Ideas for Kids from TeaCollection {Sponsored Post}


Kids aren't always easy to shop for, but these three clothing ideas always make for a great gift for boys or girls. I know I always loved getting clothes as a kid, even though people often joke about how kids could care less about new clothes. I always like mine! Continue on to see my three ideas...

Coupons & Sales: Week of December 8th

Week of December 8th, 2014

Continue on to reveal this weeks saving, sales, coupons, and deals!

Giveaway Event: Dinnerware Sets, Glass Flutes, Beverage Dispenser! ft. Jay Companies | Ends 12/22

jay companies dinnerware giveaway |   

Sponsored by Jay Companies

Brought to you by Mom Powered Media

Welcome to another fabulous giveaway event brought to you by Mom Powered Media. You may have noticed by now that a lot of the giveaway events I help promote are from them. They work with some pretty awesome companies to give you all the chance to win some amazing goodies! Continue on to win this amazing dinnerware set prize!

Coupons & Sales: Cyber Monday 2014

coupons and sales |
Cyber Monday 2014

Hello, fair readers. I was planning to have a more put together Cyber Monday Sales, Coupons and Deals post, but alas there was a change of plans and I'm not coming home until tomorrow afternoon from visiting with my boyfriend. But I still managed to get you these deals before the sales all go live (though some have been ongoing since Black Friday). I hope you enjoy them and are able to get some of your holiday shopping done! Continue on to reveal the coupon codes and sales...

How to Layer with Tanks and Singlets {Guest Post}

I know I have plenty of readers who enjoy fashion, and a mens fashion post seems appropriate given this gift buying season we're in right now. I hope you all enjoy this post. 
- - - - -
layer with tank tops and singlets

What’s the one thing you notice about men in every magazine ad? No, not their perfect haircuts or groomed facial hair of the gods, though that’s pretty abundant as well.

All the male models are dressed the same way- in layers. Jackets over scarves over tees, flannel over tanks, sweaters over button-ups. They’re trying to tell you something, guys. It’s the key to dressing well and impressing all the ladies: layering.

But there’s a catch. You’ve got to do it right; otherwise, you’ll look like a well-dressed hobo.

Coupons & Sales: Black Friday (& Cyber Monday Preview)

Black Friday (& Cyber Monday Preview)

I'm going to be out of town, celebrating Thanksgiving with my boyfriend and his family, so I'm writing this post a couple days early. There are going to be a ton more great deals coming out the day of, and I will try to update this post. Until then, here are the Black Friday and Cyber Monday coupons, sales and deals that I know about right now. Continue on the reveal the deals...