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Giveaway: FaceBook Follower Freebie FLASH Giveaway, Prize Package #6 (of 6) | Ends 11/4

*The image says this week will end on 11/5, but will infact end on 11/4. Sorry for any confusion.

As a thank-you to my FaceBook followers, I promised a giveaway when I reached 7,000 likes. And I've made it! THANK YOU!

Happy Hallowe'en

And what a lovely way to begin the last giveaway in this series. I hope you've all enjoyed entering this giveaways, and congratulations to the winners. Thank you everyone who entered, I SO appreciate you taking the time! 

Continue on to enter to win Prize Package #6! 
The last week, and it's a FLASH GIVEAWAY (ends in 4 days!).

Giveaway Event: Dreft Laundry Prize Pack | Ends 11/13

Welcome to the Dreft Prize Pack Giveaway
Hosted by Miss FrugalMommy & Sponsored by Dreft

About Dreft Laundry Detergent
  • Trusted for over 80 years, Dreft comes with a babyhood scent beloved by moms and provides little ones fabrics with an amazing clean, yet it remains safe and hypoallergenic for baby
  • Specially formulated to be gentle on baby’s skin but tough on stains, Dreft brings cuddle time to a whole new level of warm and fuzzy this winter season.
You can discover more about Dreft and their amazing products in Miss Frugal Mommy's review!
One lucky fan is going to receive a Dreft prize pack with the following items:

Review: 'You Are My Sunshine' Wall Decal from Bobee

A photo posted by theMaeGal (@themaegal) on

For review, I was sent the above 'You Are My Sunshine' Wall Decal from Bobee. I've used wall decals in the past, but I've never had one that features words. I've always liked the look of having a little quote or phrase on your wall, so I was excited to give this a try. Continue reading to see this deal on my wall...

Review: Degree MotionSense™ Deodorant

Degree MotionSense Deodorant Influenster VoxBox

For review, I was sent a Degree MotionSense™ Deodorant via Influenster's VoxBox. I was sent a deodorant stick in the scent 'Fresh Energy'. As the packaging suggests, this is the new improved 48-hour protection formula. Continue on to read my review...

Review: InstaNatural Argan Oil Hair Mask, InstaNatural Age-Defying Moisturizer" rel="nofollow">
" />
For review, I was sent two products from InstaNatural. If you've been hanging around my neck of the blog world for the past couple of months, you'll remember this brand from the other reviews I done for them (Hair Elixir, Argan Oil, Rose Water & Eye Gel, Deep Cleansing & Rosehip Oil). I've been a fan of all the skincare, hair and beauty products of theirs I have tried, so I thought I should give another two products a try and see how I like them. Continue on to read my review for this Argan Oil Hair Mask and Age-Defying Moisturizer...

Wordless Wednesday: Spring Flowers

purple flower | photography by MaeGal

Time for another posting of an older draft! These here pictures were taken about a year ago, and here I am getting them to your eyes. Not too shabby for quickly taken iPhone pictures, eh? I've only had this draft sitting around since June! About time I share it with you all. Continue on to see three more pictures...

Giveaway: InstaNatural Rosehip Seed Oil | Ends 11/4

InstaNatural Rosehip Seed Oil Giveaway |

"According to the packaging, rosehip oil is good for moisturizing, diminishing scars and stretch marks. It can be uses for your face, skin, hair, and nails. It's all about the oils lately, and I'm all for it! I've always been a fan of essential oils for healing as well as enjoyment of scents."
You can view my full review Rosehip Seed Oil review here.

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InstaNatural Rosehip Seed Oil, 
as seen on Amazon*:


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Review: InstaNatural Luxurious Argan Oil Hair Treatment & Elixir, Conditions & Restores

InstaNatural Luxurious Argan Oil Hair Treatment & Elixir, Conditions & Restores |

For review, I was sent a bottle of InstaNatural Luxurious Argan Oil Hair Treatment & Elixir, Conditions and Restores. I’ve reviewed several other InstaNatural products, and I was excited to give one of their hair products a try. Continue on to read my review…

Review & Giveaway: MagicMil Writable Adhesive Chalkboard Labels | Ends 11/4

Magicmil Writable Adhesive Chalkboard Labels and Liquid Chalk Pen |

For review, I was sent a package of MagicMil Writable Adhesive Chalkboard Labels. The package includes four sheets with two different sizes of labels and a liquid chalk pen. You can reuse these labels using chalk or the liquid chalk pen, but you can also use other more permanent choices. Continue on to read my review on these labels.